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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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tonight on the 10:00 news, last minute congress meetings are taking
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a shocking disruption during an east bay funeral service. what police suspect a teenage driver was doing that ended with this destruction. a 15-year-old girl killed in broad daylight. the young suspect investigators are looking for tonight. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm ken pritchett. frightening moments today when a car slammed into a funeral home in concord. the crash sent three people to the hospital including the teenagers inside the car. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in concord with what police suspect the driver may have been doing right before the crash, jade.
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>> reporter: well ken this impact shook this funeral chapel so hard that everyone inside thought there had been an earthquake. there's deep gashes in the ground. the front of the building is boarded up and there's a pile of debris still out front. but what you can't see is how close one man says he claim to not ringing in the new year. at first glance there was the nose of the chevy nova. it was sticking aout of -- out of the chap -l and debris was everywhere. with the arms around those who had been ushered outside of the side room was inside, they were grateful. >> literally sends after i had been in the side room, the car
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careened into the building. >> reporter: inside the funeral home the car struck a man who lingered in the foyer before services began. sending the 62-year-old to the hospital as well. >> there's significant damage inside the building that goes into the foyer of the chapel. the second driver who was not involved in the collision returned to the scene and we were able to identify him through witnesses and witness accounts. so he's been detained for further investigation. while camera phones snapped the funeral director pointed to the woman he moved toward minutes before impact. >> i owe my life to maryland. i do. so thank you so much. >> reporter: there had been no arrests and no exact cause. preliminary reports indicate speed and the teen driver will be tested for drugs and
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alcohol. reporting live jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a 15-year-old girl was shot and killed this afternoon while visiting an east bay housing project with friends. debra villalon is live where the they say the gunman is a teenager as well. >> the suspect who has not been caught is described as between 13 and 16 years old. he left a trail of bullets and grief in his wake. paramedics worked on the 15- year-old girl, but she died on the sidewalk where she fell. >> there were a will the of rounds, multiple rounds that were fired. >> reporter: investigators say the teenager was walking with a group of friends about a half dozen in all through the lion creek crossing housing project when they were ambushed. >> started shooting into the crowd, this gunman opened fire into the crowd striking both of our victims. >> reporter: a second victim a 14-year-old boy was taken to
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the hospital with nonlife threatening wounds. >> are you serious? you were there? >> reporter: as world traveled of the girl's death. family arrived and tried to console each other. >> it's just devastating because i knew them all their life. >> reporter: this friend says the victim lived a few miles away. >> i have to go back home and live on the same street they live on and mourn their death and realize that, i thought she would be able to make it back to school on the seventh when school goes back from winter break. >> reporter: police hoped two other teenage girls the victim's friends could help piece together details of the shootings. one had her son with her during the gunfire. a 1-year-old boy turned over to his grandfather. >> it's just confusion in this whole city. >> are they caught up in anything. >> no we weren't caught up on nothing. just hanging out waiting for tomorrow. they pick up each other and go to the mall. what are they going to do.
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they have a baby, come on. >> we have to protect everyone in the community. >> reporter: opd says it's getting good corporation and it will work through the night trying to catch the shooter -- cooperation and it will work through the night trying to catch the shooter. debora villalon. oakland police are in ingaiting two overnight shootings -- investigating two overnight shootings. the second happened after midnight on nay street. all three victims were sent to the hospital and reportedly said to be in stable condition. no arrests have been made. new at 10:00, a 28-year-old man was found shot to death near a golf course in liver mother this morning. a jogger -- livermore this morning. a jogger found the body.
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kenneth robert ogden was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say he had been shot several times. >> our investigation is ongoing and we urge the public to come forward if they have any information on the case. >> reporter: about 30 people showed up tonight at the golf course for a candlelight vigil. here's a live look at the capital tonight where that rare sunday negotiations have ended for the evening. after hours of talks democrats and republicans agreed on one thing, that they are still far apart from piecing together a deal. the negotiations are expected to start tomorrow morning just hours before the scheduled cuts and tax hikes are expected to go in effect. >> reporter: the negotiations could come down to the final hours. >> reporter: the house and senate convenienced for a rare sunday session in hopes of
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bridging major impasses in the negotiations. >> those conversations and discussions continue. and we remain hopeful that that will get a breakthrough. >> i think what we'll do is we'll pass a minimalist bill so this we won't go over the cliff. then i think we have to go from there. >> reporter: on nbc's meet the press, president obama made a final pitch for his plan to preserve bush era tax cuts for everyone but the wealthiest americans. >> regardless of partisan districts, our top priority has to be that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy badly. >> reporter: a major sticking point is the level of which taxes should kick in. that has waivered from $200,000 to $1 million. boehner issued a statement that says republicans have made
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every effort to reach the balanced deficit agreement that the president promised the american people. we've been reasonable and responsible. the president is the one who has never been able to get to yes. >> what the people reelected me for is to put together a -- the dairy cliff may not see a vote before 2013. leaders from the house and senate agricultural committees agreed to a one year extension of the farm bill. but there's been no time to get a full vote. without passage of the bill, milk prices could rise sharply. estimates are that a gallon of milk could go up to $8 a gallon. prices for just about everything in california are about to go up. coming up at 10:30, what's behind the price increases and when you'll have to stay
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parting more. tonight doctors in new york are treating secretary of state hillary clinton for a blood clot. her spokesman said hillary clinton's doctors discovered the clot during a follow up exam. mrs.clinton was immediately admitted into a new york hospital where doctors will monitor her for at least one week. we'll be wrapping up a very dry weekend. here's the latest on live storm tracker. we have a rain free forecast for tonight and into your monday as we end the 2012. here's a closer inspection of some of the warmer temperatures for the 10:00 hour and beginning to cool off into the bay. santa rosa checking in, 36- degree. nevato 37. overnight temperatures will be
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dropping down into the upper 20s to lower 30s. here's a look at some of the forecasted lows. you can see the upper 20s toward sonoma and petaluma. overnight lows dropping back down around 27 to 32 degrees. coming up we'll take a closer look at some of the lows in your neighborhood. i'll also let you know if any rain showers will get in the way of your holiday plans. >> you can go to there you will find live radar and your new year forecast. authorities say the driver lost control on i84 around 10:30 a.m. the bus careened through a guardrail and fell several hundred feet down a steep enbankment. it's believed 20 people were on
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board at the time. more than 1,000 workers helped retrieve people from the wreckage. a fire claims three members of one family. we'll tell you about one police officer who put his life on the line trying to save him. cutting for a cause. how one salon is using hair for a source of hope for strangers hundreds of miles away. >> if i hear the ambulance, the police, gunshots and i just think like who's next. >> grieving family members remember a young boy killed last year outside the family business. how they are using the tragedy to help bring a killer to justice.
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investigators in the south bay tonight are looking for answers after a raging apartment fire last night in san jose killed a couple and their young granddaughter. ktvu's christien kafton has more on the lives lost and what's next for the 56 other people displaced. >> reporter: father and >> reporter: -- families displaced by the fire came back to see if they could pick up items but they had nothing. everything was lost. but they count their blessings
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because some of them died. today cecilia maldonado was grief stricken. she says what sad is what happened, she says the material things can be fixed but their lives cannot be replaced. the fire broke out at about 11:00 last night. in addition to retrieving the deceased, they treated injured people. >> a firefighters made entrance and pulled one of the residents out. >> reporter: i talked with san jose police this afternoon who told me that officer was treated for smoke inhalation and released from the hospital. ultimately he was unable to pull anybody from that apartment because the flames were too intense. taking a look at the picture you can see the fire was largely confined just to this
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one apartment. as for any fire that remains, arson investigators are looking to see how exactly it started. christien kafton. a two alarm fire in the garage quickly spread to the home on tampico court. no one was injured. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. a 9-year-old oakley boy is in serious condition after colliding with a teenager on a dirt bike. police say both were being supervised by parents and that both boys were wearing helmets and protective gear. the 9-year-old suffered head trauma and was flown to children's hospital in oakland. the holiday weekend means more officers are out patrolling the streets cracking down on drunk drivers. according to the chp, more than 700 drivers have been arrested statewide since friday for driving under the influence. that's down from last year when 932 drivers were arrested on
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suspicion of drunk driving. during the chps maximum enforcement period, all available officers will be outlooking for impaired drivers. in the bay area, the numbers break down like this. since friday, 123 people have been arrested for suspicion of driving while inintoxicated. that's down compared to the same period last year when 161 bray -- bay area drivers were arrested last year. the family of anthony donelson say they are not giving up hope on finding the young man. police say donelson jumped into a creek to avoid --
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a san francisco woman accused of deadly hit-and-run is due to be arranged tomorrow morning. 23-year-old gina unis is expected of running into a group of pedestrians in between creeks. the victims were thrown down a hillside. a 66-year-old woman later died in the hospital. eunice faces charges. she's jailed in lieu of $2 million bail. fremont police chief has retired after more than two decades of fighting crime. today was chief craig steckler's last day on the job. steckler joined the department as deputy chief and became chief in 1982. he's been in law enforcement for 42 years. richard lucero has been named
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interim chief. >> the board of supervisors apointed a new fire chief. demetriuos shaffer has been appointed fire chief. it was one year ago today that a boy was shot and killed in front of his father's taco truck. that father is calling on police to solve this case in the coming year. >> reporter: at 55th and international dozens honored the life of martinez shot when playing by his father's taco truck. gabriel martinez says he fell apart after his son's death.
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closed his taco truck for weeks and the áf considered leaving oakland, but then decided something had to be done. >> it's been a year and nothing has happened we're just angry. >> reporter: police released this video of a car carrying the alleged shooter and the martinez family hopes the people protecting the gunman whom police believe looks like this has had time to reconsider and recognize the real victims. >> i hear the ambulance, the police, gunshots, and i just think like who is next. >> reporter: gabriel martinez senior is now focused on saving his family's business. he's not giving up on bringing his son's killer to justice. patti lee, ktvu news. the tragedy in newtown touched people across the country including an ohio salon owner who is reaching out to
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the survivors. all the money from haircuts during an event will go to the families of those killed. >> it's unthinkable that you send your child to school and you never get to see them today. >> reporter: many who had their haircuts today said they did because they wanted to do all they could to show they're support. making a new promise, what president obama is vowing to do after the deadly attack in libya that killed an american ambassador. >> plus a second bus explosion in as many days in libya. and another shark attack, how the victim of the latest shark attack says he managed to
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bag pipers followed a funeral procession for one of two volunteer firemen shot and killed in a christmas eve ambush. hundreds waited outside in falling snow for a chance to pay their respect to firefighter and police lieutenant michael chiperini. he and thomas pecusca were killed by a man who set his own home on fire and then waited for firefighters to arrive to kill them. now president obama is vowing to make sure attacks like the one that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya never happen again. >> there was just some sloppiness, not intentional in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don't have
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governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies. >> reporter: on 9/11 this year, terrorists ambushed and killed the u.s. ambassador to libya. at least 40 pilgrims were on the bus headed to iran to perform religious rites. a sunni group claimed responsibility for the attack. in delhi people gathered to protest the death of a 23-year- old victim. her body was returned to india from singapore. six men have been charged with murder. police say the men could face the death penalty if convicted. and in columbia a desperate
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search is under way for at least 25 people who are believed to be buried under a mud slide. the slide came crashing down yesterday on the road killing five people. at least six cars are thought to be buried under tons of mud and rocks. hundreds of firefighters, paramedics and army troops have been sent to help the operation. a surfer had a story to tell tonight. this is what denny shiters board looked look after he said he heard something hit him. he says he was burned. fell to his knees but was able to get back up, regain his balance and keep moving away from the animal. >> i wasn't hurt, it's amazing. >> reporter: on friday, a paddle boarder was bitten on his side by a bull shark not far away. he managed to fight the shark but lost his finger and a knuckle. slow going for the sierra bound, the warning for those heading to tahoe for new year aos eve. one more day before prices go
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up on just about everything here in california. why shoppers here have to start paying more. >> goodwill is kicking off a sale tomorrow. what a san francisco icon is donating. >> and you can launch ktvu app on your computer or smart phone and be connected any time any where.
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you will soon have to pay more for just about everything. starting january 4th, california sales tax is going up. but as ktvu's ann rubin reports, it's not necessarily reporting increasing sales. >> reporter: ask anybody and they will tell you now is the time to buy. >> you have the better cars,
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better aggressive rates and you're saving on taxes as well. >> reporter: starting january 1st, sales taxes are going up. what does it mean for consumers? about an $86 difference on a big ticket item like a honda accord. >> it's not a huge thing. >> we did think a little bit about that but it didn't have a big bearing on it. >> reporter: shoppers say it pails in comparison to other concerns. >> it's the uncertainty, fiscal cliff and how things are going to pan out from these next few months moving forward. >> reporter: economic experts agree, in the past they say a looming sales tax hike would have inspired a shopping frenzy but not now. >> today i think it's the opposite. gee we're just in the midst of massive amounts of tax confusion i think this level of uncertainty is going to put some breaks on spending in general. >> i just think you should save money while you can. >> reporter: still some are spending here at the albany target. lawrence williams knew he
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needed a tv and figured he would save a few extra dollars buying today. >> with the tax hike and what have you, it's going to be even more expensive. so, why not save now. >> one bit of good news for shoppers, the sales tax increase does not apply to your gas. in alameda county, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. new california laws taking effect with the new year include efforts to better protect children. coaches and administrators in schools will be required to report suspected child sexual abuse. and it will be a misdemeanor if a parent or guardian fails to report the disappearance or death of a child within 24 hours. the new laws feature increased protection against foreclosure, state pension reform, and a retirement savings program for low income workers. facebook owned instagram says reports that its losing users simply aren't true.
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figures from a web audience measurement site claims instagram had lost 25% of its users after a controversial move to change it terms of service. instagram says the number of users is growing. fundraisers in marin county have already accumulated more than $15,000 to finance a gun buy back program. according to the marin independent journal private donors have contributed $5,000. and the marin foundation has given $5,000. officials plan to offer $200 for automatic weapons and rifles, $100 for other firearms. organizers hope to hold the buy back sometime next month. aaa is doing what they can to prevent accidents this new year's eve with the tipsy tow service. drivers can get their car towed and get a free ride for up to 10 miles from 6:00 p.m.
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on new year's eve to 6:00 a.m. new year's day. to take advantage of the program contact aaa and tell the operator you need a tipsy tow. you don't have to be a aaa member. another option is you can take b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. will run additional trains from new year's eve at 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on january 1st. san francisco nummi plans to offer free rides as well throughout the night. free fairs begin at 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve and end at 6:00 in the morning. if your new year's eve plan include driving to tahoe or reno you're not alone. travel times will be doubled tomorrow. it was bumper to bumper traffic
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yesterday on highway 60. caltrans is also warning people of the return trip to the bay area. bay area goodwill stores are holding a donate-a-thon event tomorrow. goodwill is making it a party with treats for kids and bellhops to speed those donations. willie brown is kicking off the donate-a-thon by giving more than 90 items including some of his tailored suits. and hollywood is a buzz. the news tonight about kim kardashian becoming a mother. fans of a san francisco museum have only days left before it moves to a new home. it was clear today but will the rain hold off for tomorrow's new year's eve celebrations? mark tamayo joins us next with what to expect as you ring in the new year.
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a very nice weekend here in the bay area. we get a break from the rain right now we have lots of clear skies, but definitely want to bundle up. temperatures dropping through the evening. you can pick up on the satellite a very clear sky. you can go ahead and deploy the temperature sensors. look at the totals through truckee. right now it is 5 degrees through this 10:00 hour on truckee. they are on track to reach an overnight low of nine below. back here in the bay area, we have temperatures into the 30s
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to 40s. livermore right now 38. nevato 37. first thing tomorrow morning. patchy frog especially in the inland valleys. coolest locations in the upper 20s, so definitely want to bundle up early monday morning. san francisco right about 40 and mountain view 36 degrees. already thinking about the new year's plans we can see for tomorrow here's our calendar as we do wrap december as we do wrap up the year. monday 8:00 partly cloudy skies. here we are monday 8:00 p.m. it'll be on the cold side. here is the projected numbers across the bay area. by 8:00 already back down into the 40s. we'll take this into the mid- night hours as we say hello to 2013 and you definitely want to bundle up during this time period. 38 in santa rosa, 39 napa and san francisco 45 degrees. but you can leave the umbrellas at home. leave the thick jackets close by for the walk down the
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restaurant or down the street. it'll be very chilly out there. we'll increase the high clouds by the afternoon hours. first thing tomorrow morning as we mention it'll be clear and cold. the afternoon hours, the system approaches the bay area and falls apart. but it will be strong enough to generate for clouds. we're going to hang on to that slight chance tomorrow afternoon into the early parts of monday evening. tomorrow morning showing you the clear skies and look what happens, we'll take this into the afternoon hours. the clouds on the increase. so that will be the over all trend for tomorrow afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00. look what happens tomorrow night. late monday night and early tuesday morning the clouds do move out of town. so clearing skies as we do head into early tuesday. and temperatures do still in the cold side once again first thing tuesday morning. forecast highs for tomorrow. mainly in the 50s.
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san francisco 53, santa rosa 54. san jose macs out at 54. your five day forecast with 2013 in view. you will notice more sunshine a fantastic day on tuesday. wednesday not too bad as well. but then we will bring just a chance of a few sprinkles on thursday. not a big deal. with your weekend always in view. just a sun cloud mix but no major storms on the long range weather maps just yet. tomorrow looking pretty good. but i guess we'll just call it refreshing. to see all the sunshine out there. you will definitely feel the chill keep the jackets near by. >> would you say any fog chances? >> no actually looking just great. typically we worry about the storms in the bay area. this year it looks just beautiful with the high clouds moving in. >> it's nice when new year's is clear. time is running out for
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fans of the exploratorium to visit the exhibit. it was the brain child of physicist and educator carlo. today there's kim kardashian is pregnant with kanye west baby. he -- e news has confirmed the news that kardashian is about 12 weeks pregnant. kardashian has made it known that she is eager to have children. and a career day for michael crabtree as the 49ers roll into the play offs. sports wrap is next.
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i'm mark ibanez welcome to this late edition of sports wrap. i excess you can -- i guess you can say reboot the mission. a most satisfying conclusion to the regular season this afternoon at candle stick park. the man at the controls kaepernick taking the field all pumped


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